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Boston Globe – Cycling editorial

I’ve biked over 12,000 miles on the streets of Boston, Cambridge, Somerville and Milton, and it has often been an adventure… People have cut me off in traffic – but you expect that in Boston.  I’ve had people throw drinks … Continue reading

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Attack of the Mannequins

I understand that there are such things as freak accidents, and that you have to look out for yourself, but a lot of these things sound like frivolous lawsuits, people trying to make a quick buck.  It just seems alien … Continue reading

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CNN’s Lou Dobbs – It’s good to be a superpower

It’s good to be a superpower, by Lou Dobbs, CNN The Soviet Union, Marxist Leninism, the Evil Empire and their ugly metaphor, the Berlin Wall, crumbled and collapsed almost 17 years ago.   At the time, I thought it was … Continue reading

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