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Charles visits from Afghanistan

We were all happy to welcome Charles home from Afghanistan for a couple weeks this month.  He is now back overseas, servicing helicopters. Laura and Charles (and Annemarie)

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Travel – Rochester NY & Jacksonville FL

Ah, I love to travel.  To see cool places, see old friends and family, meet new people, eat good food. Ah, I hate to travel.  Stuck in traffic, bad weather, cancelled flights, cheap airport food… So this past weekend I … Continue reading

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Boston Globe – Cycling editorial

I’ve biked over 12,000 miles on the streets of Boston, Cambridge, Somerville and Milton, and it has often been an adventure… People have cut me off in traffic – but you expect that in Boston.  I’ve had people throw drinks … Continue reading

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Cool Tech – Extreme Cycling

Here is a story about guys engineering sleek but impractical designs to push the boundaries of biking to the very limits of technology and human endurance… This Is a Bike. Trust Us. – And you won’t believe how fast it … Continue reading

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This week on the bike & New York Times article on nutrition

Okay, this week I managed to go biking three times.  On Sunday I went up and down the Charles River [links one, two, three] (and ruined a tire and tube on innumerable tree roots, potholes, sewer grates, and skidding to … Continue reading

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Editorial Cartoons

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Redneck Air Conditioner

When the man at the auto repair shop told me that it would cost $1400 to fix my car’s air conditioning, I just laughed at him and said, “I can fix it myself for a whole lot less than that!” … Continue reading

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The best D*** Mo****-F****** hockey coach ever!

Chris Chelios reflects on his junior days where he was coached by Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson’s character in Pulp Fiction)… [Thanks to Dan Gaither]

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Boundaries of Sox Nation

After the traumatic experience of ’86, I tend to keep the Sox at a bit of emotional distance [It could be argued that I do that all too often in life].   But sometimes that helps, especially when the Damn Yankees … Continue reading

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Attack of the Mannequins

I understand that there are such things as freak accidents, and that you have to look out for yourself, but a lot of these things sound like frivolous lawsuits, people trying to make a quick buck.  It just seems alien … Continue reading

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