Bad Engrish (Have some fried crap)

Somehow, some things just don’t seem to translate right between Asian languages and English.  I’ve spent seven weeks in Japan, and in that time I’m sure I’ve mangled some Japanese words and phrases pretty badly myself.  On the other hand I saw an assortment of odd signs and translations, including:
“I Feel Coke” on signs and various other places, including on t-shirts on womens’ chests
“Chicken Bugger” for chicken burger
“Romantic Sports” for clothing at a department store
“THE ODOR KING” (Theodor King, spelled out in windows with awkward gaps)
But others have seen much better gaffes during their travels.  You can see them online at
Attached photos are a sampling for your pure viewing satisfaction.  Some of them had me in stitches.
Lost in translation…  Signs from Asia

[Thanks to Martha Taylor]

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