At the Sox vs Jays game on Friday night

Thanks to Sam and the Lallys… Got to go to the Sox game against the Blue Jays on Friday night.  One of two wins in a season quickly crumbling away…

Tara and Sam

Sam and friends…

Beer + beer + beer + beer + beer + beer + hot chick walking by + structural support beam = ouch

Ask a total stranger to take your picture, and odds are good it’ll come out lousy.  Or could it be that Paul and I make for lousy subjects?

Sadly, my good friend Charles was unable to attend (Evil B sidebar at  He tells me that he was “rear-ended… by a priest.”  I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later…  Fortunately, he should recover from this trauma soon.  And Paul, one of a number of rabid Sox fans at work, was more than willing to fill in for the night.

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