Roy’s 90th Birthday

So on Saturday August 26th, Roy celebrated his 90th birthday.  Thanks to the Niertit family for hosting…

It was good to get out and see everyone.  I don’t get out that way very often now that I don’t drive to Indiana.  Usually, on my short trips, everyone is off doing their own things – work, school, etc.  But on a big occasion like this, EVERYONE was there, including people I’ve only seen on family trees – plus people I’ve never even heard of!

I had hoped to enjoy some nice fresh ripe New York peaches on my trip, but for some reason, this has been a bad season for them.  So between the bad crop and the business trip, no peaches to bring back for family or for work…  Oh well.  Maybe next year.




Roy and Rob

The parking lot…

Rob, Jeremy, Cory and Amy

Tom has taken early retirement from Kodak, and seems to be much more relaxed…

Jen and Jeremy

I love dogs… but it was sad to see (almost 14-year-old) Kutya in such a painful, elderly state.  Poor dear, she was hopping around trying to see everyone, but sometimes it was just too painful or too much effort.  And she has some icky looking skin growths.  But she was happy to see (smell?) people.

Rob gives nunchuk lessons (faster than the camera can see)

Harold and his kids

Roy with the grandkids

Mary Gwen and Maria

Arlene finally gets her picture…

Suzie, Chris and Norman

Critters at Ray and Mary Gwen’s house:

Maria and her garden


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