In Memory of 9/11 – Ground Zero

I’ve visited New York City a number of times in the past few years.  People still go about their daily business – this is New York, after all – but there is a huge void there.  The World Trade Center complex was a landmark from which you could get your bearings no matter where you stood.  Now its absence marks the loss of 3000 souls.  May they rest in peace.

View of post-9/11 Manhattan from Jersey City – August 25, 2002

View of Lower Manhattan – June 13, 2004

Ground Zero – June 13, 2004

Most of the buildings near buildings at Ground Zero were damaged.  Some are being dismantled (left), others are being repaired (right).

Most buildings around the Ground Zero site suffered huge gashes

World Trade Center 7 was the third tower to fall, after it burned from the inside out.  It has been the first tower to be replaced.  June 11, 2004

All that remained of the towers were these stairs – June 11, 2004

This steel structure is one of the most symbolic remains of the towers…

Flag at half-mast, flying over the the cross…

One of many makeshift memorials to the souls lost at the site…

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