Photoblog – 2004 Red Sox victory parade

As yet another Red Sox season ends with a whimper, I thought I’d reminisce about an epic season (no, not ’86!) and share my photos from the victory parade.


The 2004 season ended under a lunar eclipse, as if it was written in the stars.  Two views of the eclipse after the game:

For once, the curse fell the other way… and the Yankees went down.

Views of the Hancock Tower in Copley Square:

John Henry looks less pale than usual, doesn’t he?

Wally the Green Monster…
This pic from Copley Square is in front of the old Copy Cop store that I worked at for five years (Note the “OP” in the blue sign at left).  I liked working there ’cause it was right in the middle of things, and it was great for people watching.  In all the time I spent there, I never thought I’d get to see a Red Sox World Series victory parade go by…

Autumn in New England is usually pretty.  This view at Trinity Church was especially nice – mainly because of the special occasion…

The old Hancock building has a spire on the top, and the light pattern has traditionally meant this:
– Clear blue, clear view
– Flashing blue, clouds due
– Steady red, rain ahead
– Flashing red, snowstorm ahead
     (or today’s Red Sox game is canceled)
But since it was built in 1947, this building has never celebrated a Sox victory.  This unique color scheme was devised for the special occasion.  Who knows if it will ever be seen again???

Freakin’ idiot…

The best seats around…

Wild goose chase?

Note how the bridges and shore were completely packed for this event.  At least we know that we can come in to town to see the fireworks display every year…

More photos can be seen in larger format on my website at:


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