Boston Globe Editorial – Engineering a curriculum

Featuring my former Tufts professor,  Ioannis Miaoulis.  The Museum of Science ( has finally brought the “BODY WORLDS: The Anatomical Exhibition of Real Human Bodies” to town.  It’s a morbidly fascinating exhibit that I’ve wanted to see for several years.  Finally, something new and interesting from a good museum that had grown a little stale over the years…

Boston Globe Editorial – Engineering a curriculum

THE MUSEUM OF SCIENCE has gone beyond its traditional mission of science instruction and entertainment in Boston to engage young people throughout the United States in the value of engineering. It’s an ambitious agenda, aided greatly by a $20 million gift from Bernard Gordon, an entrepreneur and engineer who wants to get more young people interested in using science to solve real-world problems.

…As shown by its modern facilities and exciting exhibits at Science Park above the Charles, the Museum of Science has come far from its origins as a collection of artifacts. Miaoulis’ engineering initiative is turning a Boston treasure into an asset for the nation.

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