Biking the Nashua River Rail Trail

It’s good to get out and burn off a few calories after Thanksgiving.  Thanks to Steve & Liza for hosting our bike day.

The weather in New England in November can be unpleasant…  It’s nice to get a good day to enjoy the outdoors.  The still air made for easy riding and a pretty mirror surface on the ponds and swamps.

Christos, Dennis and Steve

Christos, Dennis and me

View of an apple orchard from one rest stop along the trail

Stopping to relax for a few minutes

So we’re out in the middle of nowhere, enjoying the peace and quiet and the scenic view, and then this plastic clattering racket starts, then gets louder… and louder…  and then this cute little kid appears, chugging along happily with his training wheels clattering against the pavement.

Enjoying the view

Nashua River Rail Trail

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