Family photos – Rochester NY – January 2006

So I’m a little behind in sorting through all my photos…  I thought I’d put up these pics from last year for those of you scattered all around the world – or whom I might have forgotten to send copies to at Christmas.

At Ray and Mary Gwen’s house in
Ontario – January 14, 2006

Ah, Sandy.  How can someone so adorable be so much trouble?

Arlene with her trusty camera.  I can’t help but wonder if she keeps a
journal with the camera so she knows exactly how to annotate each pc…

Sightseeing – January 15, 2006

Webster Park is really cold…

The Rochester fast ferry boondoggle…

Ray likes boats

Got crabs?

Kodak industrial complex under deconstruction…

Kodak facilities being demolished to remove tax burden from the ledgers

Downtown Rochester

Gotta huddle together for warmth…

The Kodak tower


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